Brine Memories Project

We have started recording interviews with people who used or worked at the Brine Baths. Click on our Audio Clips page or visit our YouTube page to hear some short extracts from these interviews.

We’ve also been writing blogs about our findings. Click here to read some fascinating tales about our brine baths research. Many thanks to the Droitwich Heritage Centre who have agreed to host our findings permanently on their website.

To me the treatment rooms looked like something out of a Frankenstein movie!
Treatment room
Men swimming in the deep end of the pool
One person who was really special to me was Mr Allen - of Flanagan and Allen. We used to chat away in the deep end.
My mother had knitted a swimming costume for me and it was wool. All I can remember is coming out of the water with it hanging down.
White towels being handed out
Hotel with garden
There was quite a big lawn. I don't know what it was that they played, it was iron posts put in the ground, with a metal flag with a number on.